Author Erica Schultz and Dome Talk About M3


Erica has done work for Marvel Comics, and her most recent work for them is writing Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne. You can find M3 on, and all of the issues are available digitally from the M3 website:

Monarch Monkey Collage Comic at BCC 2014


Douglas DeRocher talks with Dome about the unique style of his new comic. More of his work can be found at

BCC 2014: Chris Golden And Dome Talk About His New Works


Longtime friend of SFSN, Chris Golden and Dome talk about his new anthology and other works. You can find them all at:

Geeky and Cheeky, Something Quite Different at BCC 2014


Jessica shows Dome their unique dolls for Boston Comic Con. You can find their store at:

Run DMC at BCC with DOME 2014


Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and Darryl McDaniels talk with Dome about Darryl Makes Comics

GraniteCon 2014 – A Game Of Thrones Interview Gone Askew


SFSN’s Dru attempts to interview cast member Daniel Portman, when they are joined by Finn Jones, Gemma Whelan and Miltos Yerolemou. A huge thank you to them all for a very fun time.

Dome Meets Up With Our Good friends at Kiss Forever at BCC 2014



What would Boston Comic Con be without Kiss Forever? Dome wonders this as  they meet up for another quick walk down memory lane with the for most KISS Tribute Band in New England.

Ben Templesmith at Boston Comic Con 2014

Dome takes a few moments to talk to friend of the show Ben Templesmith about some of his new projects. Find his work at

Exclusive Boston Comic Con 2014 Video: Sergio Aragones

One of those who has seen it all, Mad Magazines Sergio Aragones reminisces with Dome on how Conventions have changed over the years.

TalkCast 250 – A Murder of Horror Writers

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.51.34 AM

Our Guests Tonight:

They’re here to talk about the new Horror anthology Insanity Tales, “An original anthology, from a host of original writers, not the same recycled themes.”


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