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TalkCast 241 – Brandon Barrows

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Tonight is our final Boston Comic Con preview episode! From Artists’ Alley we have the lovely Brandon Barrows, whose comics include Jack Hammer, which we had LOTS of questions about! A six-page preview is available at Action Lab Comics.  Brandon also told us about Voyaga, his homage to 1950s sci fi, which includes both space travel AND time travel.


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TalkCast 240 – Erica Schultz and Jennie Wood


Tonight we have two Boston Comic Con preview guests.

First up we have Erica Schultz, creator of the comic M3 with Vicente Alcázar. Erica has also done work for Marvel Comics, and her most recent work for them is writing Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne. You can find the first three issues of M3 on comixology.com, and all of the issues are available digitally from the M3 website.

Then Jennie Wood, the creator of Flutter tells one the inspiration behind her work, which was listed as one of the best LGBT graphic novels of 2013. Her new Graphic novel A Boy Like Me is due out in September. Flutter is also available digitally.

And finally, we got the chance to talk about some news this week! The pilot for NBC’s new show Constantine has leaked, and we weigh in with our (mostly positive) first impressions. We also expound upon the absolute mess that was DashCon, just so our listeners get a chance to appreciate how wonderful most cons are.


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TalkCast 239 – A Delicious Almond Roll!


Art by Brian Roll

Before we jump into the news tonight, we have the first in a series of Boston Comic Con preview interviews. This week we’re talking to artist Brian Roll, who’s going to be in the BCC Artists’ Alley.

Some News:


And after the news, Bob Almond joins us to announce the winners of this year’s Inkwell Awards!



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TalkCast 238 – Guests With Long Names Night!

Yet again we’re mixing up format-wise to bring you a guest-heavy show full of fun!

First up we have Kristine Katheryn Rauch, otherwise known as She Of  Many Pen Names. She’s a multi-awarded author who’s received a Hugo, a Locus Award, and a John W. Campbell Award.  Listen to the show to hear her hold her own while debating Kriana on e-publishing, and then head over to StoryBundle.com to find her work in the Cosmic Sci Fi Bundle AND the Fantasy Music Bundle.

After that debate, Kriana performs a masterful segue into Bitlit, a neat little app for those of you who wish you could get e-books along with your hard copies.

Then we have a brief and melodious interlude wherein Dead RedHead gives us more tantalizing guest news from Boston Comic Con.

And finally, in honor of the Independence Day weekend, we have longtime friend of the show Peter Vinton Jr.  His new graphic novel series The Monitor’s Guild  is an amazing blend of some of Zombrarian’s favorite things: American History, post apocalyptic rebellion, and a cast that is diverse in every sense of the word. It came out yesterday, so check it out!


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TalkCast 237 – Format? What format?

Tonight we’re changing things up! We’ve got three guests, a Boston Comic Con Update, and no waiting!

At the top of the show we have two authors whose work appears in The Cosmic Sci Fi Bundle over at StoryBundle.com. First up, the lovely Jody Lynn Nye joins us from the road to tell us about Crisis on Doona, which she co-wrote with Anne McCaffrey. Then Peter J. Wacks takes over to tell us about his book Second Paradigm, and reveals that he’s actually in TWO StoryBundles right now! You can also check out his work in the Fantasy Music Bundle, where you can find two of his books already, and a third is available as a bonus!

Toward the middle somewhere Dead RedHead gives us an update on the exciting guests who’ve been recently announced for Boston Comic Con!

And after patiently waiting through the first two amazing segments, Vlad Vaslyn gets the last word in order to tell us about his new book, The Button. The teaser for this book includes skeletons, crystal cubes, NSA agents, and New York City. You know you want to hear from the mind that put those things together!


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TalkCast 236 – Sarah Hensley from Mad Scientist’s Lab

Sarah with one of her creations.

Sarah with one of her creations.


Kickstarter(s) of the Week:

And last, but certainly not least, we have tonight’s guest! We talk to self-taught artist Sarah Hensley from Mad Scientist’s Lab about her amazing hand-painted lab wear, bags, decor, and more. Not only are her wares beautifully rendered, they’re also really practical:  they’re machine-washable, OSHA compliant for medical/laboratory facilities, and durable. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!


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TalkCast 235 – Michael A. Stackpole & Ron Garner


Live from The Origins Game Fair, our guests tonight are authors Michael A Stackpole and Ron Garner who talk about Silence In The Library’s newest KickStarter anthology, Heroes! Mike talks about the inception of the anthology and Ron talks about using the KickStarter model to help bring new and emerging writers into the public eye.


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TalkCast 234 – 3 Guests, 2 Interviews, 1 Fantastic Evening!

Tonight we’re veering away from our usual format to bring you TWO fantastic interviews!

First up are Derrick and Chuck from MysteryAircraft.com where the goal is “to examine famous mystery aircraft witnessed throughout history and speculate as to the origins of these devices.” There’s room for skeptics and believers alike, since Derrick and Chuck strive to present the facts in an unbiased way. The coolest part is that even though most of us associate UFOs with aliens, MysteryAircraft.com is devoted to ANYTHING that’s both flying and unidentified.

Then, after a short interlude to learn about how Kickstarter changes the rules, we move on to an interview with the creator of a Kickstarter you can back RIGHT NOW.

Huston Huddleston is the CEO of  the Hollywood Sci Fi Museum, which could open as early as 2015. When he found out that many of the sets and props from beloved TV shows like Star Trek and Firefly were sitting in warehouses (and in some cases outdoors) it started a journey toward what could possibly become the coolest museum in the world. The museum will not only be a treasure trove of sic-fi history, it will also be interactive, and will eventually feature STEM-based learning initiatives that tie in to sic-fi themes.


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TalkCast 233 – Travis Richey & Nick Acosta

or, ‘The Making of  The Inspector Chronicles: Untitled Movie About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel In Time’.

Travis Richey

Travis Richey


Nick Acosta

Nick Acosta

We could not have had two more engaging guests, Travis Richey and Nick Acosta talk about anything and everything having to do with The Inspector Chronicles, the state of current movie and televison franchises and wherever else the conversation took us.  As always, engaging conversations and bitter feuding arguments ensue.


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TalkCast 232 – Joseph Schmalke


Whew! The News is BACK everyone! And after that info-and-opinion-packed segment, we talk to comic creator Joseph Schmalke about The Calamitous Black Devils. This comic is awesome, and you don’t have to take my word for it, just check out this description:

 The Calamitous Black Devils is set during World War II and follows the exploits of an elite brigade of Army operatives—the Black Devils.  The team is composed of mostly American and Canadian soldiers, joined by MI-6 and the Russian Night Witches.  Their mission is to stop a top secret Nazi plot to harness a multidimensional gateway that will allow an Ancient One, Anan-Zaha, to cross over into our world.   But while battling the Nazi forces, the team is pulled into another world against their will.  They must fight their way through a universe at war, trying to make their way back home.


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