Granite State Comic Con Wrap Up 2014


Double Midnight’s own Chris and Dome take a moment of exhaustion as the 2014 event winds down.

Dome Talks to Richard Horvitz at Granite Con ’14


He’s The voice of Daggett, ZIM, Alpha 5 and many many more. He talks about his voice role as Kaos in SKYLANDERS.

GraniteCon 2014 – The Underground Legion: Repurposed Coolness


Todd and Adam Zingales brings something unique to the Con. Listen as he describes how these amazing custom creations are made. Find them at:…

Whats Is (Are?) Squid Farts And Why Is Amy smiling?


A moment to admire the work of Amy Gamache At GraniteCon 2014.

GraniteCon 2014 – Rikki Simons Talks In Voices, Because He Can


You can find his books for sale at:  His blog can be found at: Rikki says, Hi!

GraniteCon 2014 – Chris Philbrook Taks about Adrian’s Undead Diary


At Least He’s Not On Fire. Learn more about Chris’ work at:

Boston Comic Con 2014: Our Own Dead Redhead At The BCC Info Desk


Our Dead Redhead talks about the behind the scenes challenges at BCC 2014

TalkCast 251 – Dorks in Dungeons

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 10.51.46 AM


Tonight’s guests are from the improv comedy troupe Dorks in Dungeons. We were joined by the wonderful Kathleen Cavalaro (Director of Logistics), Tim Jacobs (Actor), and Brian Kelly (Game Master and Artistic Director). We spent a wonderful time learning about what they do, how they do it, and how our listeners can experience their magic live! 

Download | Open Player in New Window

From their “WTF is This?” page:

The show follows the exploits of a fantastical delivery service, The Special Parcel Service, as they try to make their deliveries against all odds (and their own incompetence). Game Master Brian Kelly guides the action while a band of improvisers plays the rotating cast of characters helping or hindering our heroes, and their success or failure is determined by the roll of a 20-sided die.



Download | Open Player in New Window

BCC 2014: The Handcrafted Found Art of Henry Cesneros

Kate talks to Dome about the sculpture art of Henry Cesneros. His art was among the most unique at this event. You can find more of his work at:

Boston Comic Con 2014 – Lindsey Moore from BoxyBrown Crafts


Dome finds out about some very different crafts. Find more of them at:

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